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My Dream

My Dream

Hi Guys,

I have a lot to say about this online store i just opened and as time goes on, i will be talking about different things here, but let me start from this dream i had. i just believe if you can dream it, then you can achieve it.

I had a vision about selling things because i am a person who likes having money with me with exchanges and all so my first year in college, i would travel about 5 hours to go and get ladies clothes and lingerie to sell in school. i did it for a while and stopped and diverted into other things.

My final year, a cousin's boyfriend said he would be giving clothes to me to sell at a reduced prices then i can make my profit out of it which i really enjoyed so much till some people told my cousin to get them from me and she should be doing it by herself. i was pained at heart and cried so much but i had to let go as there was nothing i could do about it. i left and was working after college till i met an high school friend who told me she has someone who could be an wholesaler to me and i sell the clothes at a retail price i was so excited about this but she needed a particular amount of money which i gathered together but was left with little to make up then marriage came calling and i had to leave to another state, i forgot what i wanted to do as marital life is so sweet lol.

I tried starting up other things and all but it was a real struggle till i met another high school friend and she called me up sometimes in June 2020 and asked if i was interested in setting up an online retail store which i replied in affirmative.

Here i am today with oyindre retail store which leaves me with my slogan of 'IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT". 

a lot to talk about guys... including products that i am selling 

this store has come to stay and it will definitely stay

glad to have you guys shop with us here.

feel free to email should you have any questions..


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